Battery Farm

By Alexander Buxton

An unknown girl hits the headlines when she walks into Great Ormond Street Hospital and miraculously cures the children on an entire floor.

The ensuing media frenzy to uncover her identity forces her into hiding with her small group of dysfunctional disciples. She informs them that her mission is to send a message to the President of the United States which will change the world forever.

She reveals to the media that her name is Rebecca and that she will perform a miracle live on air to prove her story. However, a plot to assassinate the Queen is uncovered and Rebecca is placed at the centre of it. From being the most popular person in the world to the most vilified, Rebecca must deliver her message before her time runs out.

In the words of Rebecca herself:

Have you ever felt there was more to life than you were experiencing? Have you ever thought there was a greater truth out there? Have you ever thought other people knew things you didn't? Have you ever thought that the Earth doesn't quite fit? Have you ever thought you were destined for great things? You were right all along.