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Since he was a Sunday School teacher in his teens, Alexander has been fascinated by the Bible and recently spent over two years reading it from cover to cover. While doing this, he noted down anything out of the ordinary. The Bible has twelve hundred pages. Alexander made eight hundred notes the majority of which have been referred to in Battery Farm.

This research, as well as a detailed study of the Church, the Holocaust and a mountain of conspiracy theory reading, led him to write Battery Farm. It is a unique and enlightening twist on the popular Bible stories that man has misinterpreted throughout the centuries causing untold wars, oppression and persecution in the name of God.

The title comes from the analogy between battery hens in their cages and us imprisoned on Earth, unaware of our incarceration but knowing we deserve more than we have.

Alexander lives in Watford with his wife and two cats. He has rescued battery hens called Anne, Margot and Edith after the ladies in the Frank family who were not lucky enough to escape.

Contact Alexander: alexander@alexanderbuxton.com

Battery Farm Chickens

Above – six months ago the golden chicken used to look like the two chickens fresh out of a battery farm

Below – Alexander and his chickens before they got healthy

Alexander Buxton and Chickens

Below - Research at Auschwitz

Alex Buxton Auschwitz